Expert Myofascial Release, is the only solution that gives you guided, step by step instructions, delivered to you on a silver platter, structured and easy to follow systems and strategies to eliminate pain and improve mobility. These techniques and strategies are non traditional and non medical to get you past pain simpler and faster.Learn this once, use it for a lifetime.

Choose the option below that best serves your needs.

Low Back & Sciatica Relief

A revolutionary way to alleviate low back & sciatica pain! Our innovative therapeutic stretching and exercise program is designed to help you become your own therapist with pain-free motions. Enjoy lifetime access to instructional videos that can be used on any device. Easy-to-follow, step – by – step instructions.

  • Become your own therapist
  • Simple, Step by Step instructions 
  • Customized Motions / Exercises
  • Includes 1 live video session
  • Formula for Pain Elimination
  • Full Support in Private Facebook Community

Pelvis Balancing

Balancing the pelvis alleviates pain and improves alignment throughout the body. This reduces pain and increases mobility. This course is self paced. Lifetime access to the videos. This is an online digital video course – It includes step by step video instruction, to guide you through the process of a whole-body approach – mind & body. Video course may be used on any device. 

  • Be your own therapist
  • Step by Step video instructions of personalized plan
  • Principles and Strategies for Back Pain Relief and More
  • Formula for Pain Elimination
  • Full Support in Private Facebook Community

Also helps with conditions such as:

  • Hip Pain / Hamstring Strain
  • Sciatica Quads / Thighs
  • Low Back / Myofascial Pain
  • Piriformis / Glutes Pain

Self Myofascial Release

A Holistic Approach to Authentic Healing & Pain Relief

Get to the SOURCE  of pain by releasing the myofascial restrictions deep within the body. Be aware that this Myofascial Release course is NOT foam rolling!

  • Step by step video instruction
  • Principles & Strategies for Pain Relief
  • Full Support in Private Facebook Community

Benefits include but not limited to:

  • Improved Posture
  • Eliminate Tightness & Pain
  • Decrease Pain & Stress
  • Increase Sports Performance
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Increase Immune Function
  • Better Body Functioning

Single Session

A plan of care will be created

Step by Step instructions of personalized plan of care

30 minute evaluation with demo $47.

Money back guarantee. Since everyone is different, we need to be able to observe the way you move. This is accomplished through a live video chat and should take no longer than 30 minutes to know if we can help with your situation, as our therapy is customized to your specific issue/issues. Most issues will  radically improve in the evaluation session. If you don’t feel better, you don’t pay for the  evaluation.